About Us

High Flying Coffee

Ethically sourced from South America, our coffee beans are blended, roasted and ground in partnership with a London based roaster to produce unique luxury tasting coffees.

My Story

I joined my father’s coffee company in 2012 supplying Italian coffee across Europe, and my time with his company ignited my passion for coffee in all forms.

My knowledge of coffee and tea has increased over time, and as a result of my role as an account manager I was responsible in researching the latest trends and movements in the world of Coffee; often keeping up to date with trends in America and Australia far before they reached the UK.

In 2016 I had made a decision to pursue the specialty coffee market rather than the Italian coffee my family supplies, and from there I decided to set up my own brand and fuse my love of coffee and interest in engineering and aviation; which is why I called my brand


I have recently made some changes to the brand - after undertaking market research and also as a result of working closely with my customers - which include:

  • Aviator is an environmentally responsible as a brand; from the sourcing of the coffee to the packaging and disposal of materials ours is a sustainable business.
  • Achieving Rainforest Alliance certification on the majority of blends of Aviator coffee, whilst keeping the coffee accessible for all.
  • Working towards a future of direct trade, ensuring the best for all those involved from beginning to end.