Mazzer ZM Digital Coffee Grinder

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From Mazzer comes a highly configurable on-demand coffee grinder - the Mazzer ZM. Designed for the specialty coffee market, the ZM sets itself apart from other grinders by offering a memory of twenty different grind settings.

If you have a variety of coffees or offer a variety of brewing methods then this grinder is worth considering because of it's one press adjustment, where one press will automatically calibrate the blade distance for four user-selected levels of coarseness - with the remainder accessible through the easy to use LCD screen and selectors.

The grinder will also take the amount of wear and tear into account when adjusting the blades, ensuring the distance between both of the flat burrs is constant.


Flat burrs
Low coffee retention  (<0.45 g)
Electronic True Zero calibration
Low r.p.m. with excellent grinding speed
Ventilation system with electronic control
Micrometrical digital grind adjustment mechanism
20 pre-programmed grind settings recordable on the control panel
LCD display
Grinding chamber easy to clean
On-demand dosing capability
Double safety switch
Keep your counter spick and span with the special patented lockable canister system
Standard equipment: 320 g hopper and filter coffee blades
Optional: 1,3 kg (2,9 lbs) hopper and burrs to grind espresso coffee